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Essential Oil Bulk initiated their mission with a target of offering complete satisfaction. The company believes in fulfilling the requirements of their esteemed customers by providing a range of superior products. The international level products of the company are supplied and exported all over the world. The major specialties of the oil and perfume manufactured by the company are fragrance which lasts for a long time and the rich aroma essence. The notable products include Carrier Oil, Jojoba Based Attar, Sandal Based Attar, Rose Oil and Absolute Oil. Carrier Oil is a type of vegetable oil or base oil. It is used for dilution of absolutes and essential oils before using them for the purpose of aromatherapy and skin massage. This oil does not have a strong aroma like essential oils. But they carry a characteristic smell which is mild in nature. Carrier Oil also does not evaporate. The company offers superlative quality of carrier oil which is free from any type of impurity. Jojoba Based Attar is a kind of oil which is popular for its fascinating aroma. It is mainly used for the purpose of preparing perfumes. The skillful professionals of the company believe in providing Jojoba Based Attar which is affordable in cost and betterin terms of quality.

The company is focused on producing the best grade of attars with the help of advanced techniques of processing. The traditional methods of Deg and Bhapka are also used in preparing Attar which is paraffin based.

Sandal Based Attar is another type of attar which is enriched with the attributes of sandal smell. The exotic aroma is the highlighted feature of this aroma. Sandal Based Attar is mainly used for making incense sticks and perfumes. This product is the most popular product among all the products manufactured byus.

Rose Oil as the name suggests is a type of oil which is augmented with the fragrance of roses. This oil is also used for manufacturing high quality cosmetic products and perfumes. Rose Oil is another product which is in great demand among the clients. The reasonable cost and good quality are the chief reasons for its increasing demand.

Absolute Oil is used in aromatherapy and perfumery. They are very much similar to the essential oils. Absolute Oil is a highly aromatic, concentrated and oily mixture which is extorted out from plants. Weprovide very high quality absolute oil which is concentrated and free from all sorts of impurity. It is the purest form of oil.

The standards of quality are followed from purchasing the raw products to delivering them. The quality instructors test and judge every product at different levels. The proportion of ingredients is verified and corrected in the laboratory of the company. This is the reason why all these products are free from any type of side effects. It is because of all these qualities our products are the most preferable and popular name of the perfume industry.

The delivery network of the company extends to all the major cities of the world. These products are exported to countries like France, Saudi Arabia, UK, China, Germany and countries of the Middle East.

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Natural Attar

Rare & precious zafraan saffron attar is rich, warm, exotic and beautifully decadent aroma. Fragrance of the attar let warm thoughts to emerge toward one and others. The Attar is made by distilling Saffron into a base of Sandalwood oil.This one is most popular and skin tone balancing attar.Reddish & characteristic and intense odor and soluble in water, the attar is widely used to apply regularly.