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Attar’ is an Arabic word which simply means scent or fragrance. Attar is used to apply over the body or clothes. The soothing fragrances of attar are meant to capture the interest of people and to relive you from all the negative energies surrounding you. A pleasant fragrance helps you feel light and you are relaxed. It includes oils that are helpful in bringing that soothing feeling to you. Primarily a floral group of fragrances was used to give you that perfect fragrance, with time the variety has increased and better options are being derived by the individuals.

From the imperial times attar has never failed as it can still light up your spirit in a positive manner. There are various ways in which Al- Sultan Attar adds charm to your personality, few of them are:

The exotic fragrance of the attar helps you fell light and confident about yourself as you carry a modern and exotic scent with you.
Aromatherapy is a field where this fragrance is widely used and is loved by the people who undergo the treatment.
Because the fragrances are used for aromatherapy, by that you can gauge the medical benefits of the same.
Healing, soothing and refreshing are the best terms that you can relate with this magical attar.
The sweet and floral fragrances are loved by women who like mild scents and they go with their soft personality as well.
Men usually pick the woody or masculine notes that have a different feel to them. Completely designed to bring out the scent of the man.
The perfume has a moving fore that helps in diverting your nerves towards relaxation and to feel good.
If you are facing dizziness or feeling low, the beneficial oils which are present in the Attar help a lot in your recovery.
Women can also use this fragrance to get rid of the imbalances and effects of menstrual periods. The fragrance will help them feel light and clean.
The jasmine fragrance of this attar is completely non-toxic and helps in treating respiratory ailments.
These days when people are going through a busy and hectic lifestyle, carrying and applying a soothing fragrance helps a lot in recovering. The exotic fragrances are majorly used in scented soaps and creams that work miraculously in taking care of your skin. Natural essence present in these scents helps a lot in recovering you and bringing you out from the stress and bizarre of the real world.

The perfume does not have many precautions apart from those which are mentioned over the bottle itself. Apart from that you must ensure that little amount of fragrance is used as over usage can also be a bad option and might not suit your system and skin.

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