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Bay leaf is the oldest herbs or spice and is a native of Asia Minor, also known by name of ‘Sweet bay’,an aromatic leaf from the evergreen bay laurel tree, native to the Mediterranean. They have their own presence and demand amongst the people who use them.Bay Leaves have a long and noble history as the ancient Romans and Greeks used to make crowns out of true Bay Leaves to crown great and accomplished people. The use of bay leaf differs from person to person and different cultures use it in a different manner. It is most widely used in cooking and preparing perfumes.

The oil extracted from bay leaves, called bay leaf oil has medicinal properties and is used to treat several ailments.Due to their bitter taste, bay leaves cannot be eaten directly but are often used to impart flavor to a variety of dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.The aroma of these leaves is easily noticeable thus people use it to make fragrances that are worth applying. Essential oil of the bay leafs is used to massage the sprained areas and to get relief from pains. Various kinds of digestive disorders can be easily treated with the leaf which is why they are used while preparing food items. Both fruit and the leaf of this plant include essential properties which makes a great healer and way to relax muscles. They are used to extract oils which are essential.

Uses of Bay Leaf Oil:

The leaf of the plant can be boiled and the water can be used for treatment of various medical problems which is why it is liked by people.
It is used to reduce the bad cholesterol and to add life to your heart.
Relives the pains caused by swelling, rheumatic and arthritic reasons as the oil is a great pain reliever.
Can be soaked in water and then it can be used to fight issues like cough, cold, bronchitis, and chest infections.
Essential Oil of bay leaf is massaged on sprained areas and for relieving headaches. The oil also provides relief from swellings, rheumatic and arthritic pain.

Benefits of Bay Leaf Oil:

Reduces pains and heals any kinds of digestive disorders that you are facing.
The infusion of bay leaves promotes sweating, breaking fever, and flu symptoms. Thus the oil has those properties in it.
If you are facing severe headaches you can use bay leaves to heal the bad conditions and to recover from the pain that is caused due to the same.
Studies ell that the leaves are also used to treat Type-2 diabetes which is another reason for preferring the oil.
The oil has special healing properties which keeps pains and other related issues away. So, it is always the safest and the best healing option.

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