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Champaca Oil is extracted from a subtropical tree with gorgeous and deeply fragrant flowers that give a strong and soothing feeling. Reddish brown liquid with an appealing fragrance is the most prominent attribute of the oil with which you can distinguish it.The oil is extracted by the steam distillation method; the method helps in retaining the much needed special attributes of the oil. Champaca flowers exude a pretty fragrance that is appealing and pleasing with floral and sweet notes. Often used in perfumes and soaps as a fragrance. The tree itself grows in areas in India and parts of Asia.The medicinal use of the plant is above all the basic attributes and thus people know this oil completely. The Champaca oil heals and rejuvenates your body and senses, it?s a great way to relax and feel good. The main constituents of Champaca oil are Phenethyl alcohol and linalool.

Champaca oil?s seductive and beautiful fragrance produces a celestial atmosphere that soothes, relaxes and strengthens the mind. It relaxes your nerves and helps you feel good.Champaca oil is credited with being effective oil as an antiviral, antispasmodic, stimulant, febrifuge, antiseptic, and as an astringent. This oil is used as a primary ingredient in world?s most expensive perfumes and that is why it is loved by people as the perfume carries an amazing floral note which keeps you refreshing. The oil blends well with rose, jasmine, violet, carnation, ylang ylang, neroli, sandalwood and other floral scents as well. Its different features make it a great way to heal the skin and give it a healthy look.

Uses of Champaca Oil:

Champaca Oil is aphrodisiac, emollient, febrifuge and thus it is used to warm, calm, reduce stress, aid breathing and induce euphoria.
For Aroma lamps, inhalers, light bulb ring, mist spray and various other items this oil is used as the basic ingredient to put the much needed fragrance.
Blending it with other oils and using for therapeutic things is another idea that will help you feel better by infusing positive energy.
The Champaca Oil is majorly used in cosmetic purposes because of its properties that help you beautify your skin.
Champaca Oil is good in helping with sexual inhibitions or in most of the stress related conditions; Anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion.

Benefits of Champaca Oil:

Champaca oil is regenerative in nature and can help heal wounds, scars, cuts and can help with stretch marks.
Cases of chest congestion, bronchitis, colds and flu can be healed with the proper use of this oil. You can use it and get relief from these unwanted infections.
The soothing fragrance of the oil is worth trying and for people who love to use different kinds of fragrances Champaca Oil is the best one to experience aromatherapy at its best.

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