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This Rose de Mai Absolute is extracted from an erect shrub. This shrub grows to 3 to 6 ft. high, with the branches closely covered with straight thorns and glandular bristles of various sizes and forms. According to some sources, this rose is the result of a hybrid through which this shrub grows out and becomes an integral source of the essential properties that are present in it. Extracted by using benign solvents the way to bring out the best is the natural and the most organic way. It has an astounding and exquisite aroma which makes it a great choice for aromatherapy. Also used for high- end natural perfumery the extract is rich in fragrance and its soothing properties. The rose resigns as the most supreme flower for its perfume and thus it is loved by people.

The first distillation of rose oil was probably in 500 C.E where Arabs began the use of this amazing oil and to understand its benefits. There is no other essential oil than the one which contains essentials of rose in it. For both males and females this oil is highly beneficial and is used from an age which is why people know a lot about its soothing effects and the way it helps you relieve the troubles. The oil is exported to all parts of the world as it is created by the best people and in the best possible manner.

Uses of Rose De Mai Absolute:

Used as a perfume because of its refreshing fragrance, it is really helpful in revitalizing your senses and feels good.
It is a great source to soothe your senses at the time of aromatherapy that is why people who provide that therapy know the benefits of the oil.
Used as a natural perfume the Rose De Mai Absolute is a great option to help you get back the shine on your skin. It has properties of rose and it is famous for keeping your skin healthy and young.
When diluted with other oils it becomes healthy and helpful for your body and skin as well.
It is a natural perfume when blended with jasmine, sandalwood and amber essential oil. These combinations can make a great perfume for you.

Benefits of Rose De Mai Absolute:

Pure, soothing, and refreshing fragrance helps you feel active and light throughout the day. Just wear it and you will feel great.
Reduces the problems of acne, pimples and used in soaps and perfumes. It is a great source for your skin so you can always use it.
It treats reproductive issues related to men and women so in a way the oil has great benefits in improving your overall health.

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