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Tuberose Absolute is also known with various names like ‘The Mistress of the Night’, ‘Night Queen’ and ‘Raat Ki Raani’ in Hindi, this flower is said to rule the silence of the twilight with its irresistible fragrance.Tuberose Absolute oil has been used in making attars that are well known in Ayurvedic medication for their ability to strengthen the mind and enhance the emotional stability.

Tuberose Absolute is derived from the enfleurageof Tuberose flowers that is the method of extraction of essential oils and perfumes from flowers using odorless animal or vegetable fats. Flowers growon the plant that is botanically named as Polianthestuberosa. This plant is indigenous to Central America and belongs to Amaryllis family. Flowers are also known as bone flowers because of their radiant white and waxy flowers that stood stiff and strong just like bones.

Tuberose Absolute oil gives a complex, sweet, exotic floral aroma that is believed to stimulate energy, open the heart chakra, capture compassion, vision, love, sensitivity and creativity. This absolute oil contains Methyl Benzoate, Methyl Anthranilate, benzyl Alcohol, Butyric acid, eugenol, nerol, farnesol and geraniol. The oil reflects deep orange or golden brown color that carries strong aroma. The absolute oil must not be taken internally without the guidance of an expert Ayurvedic Practitioner

Uses of Tuberose Absolute

Tuberose Absolute oil finds extensive use in aromatherapy and manufacture of perfumery products. In ancient times Tuberose absolute flowers were used in Chocolate Drinks and in making wedding garlands.

Tuberose Absolute is used in following purposes:

It is used in Aromatherapy as the tranquilizing fragrance of this oil relaxes the nerves and muscles, soothes the senses and appeases the brain.
It has been used in the perfume industry since ages.
The blended oil can be used effectively as a massage oil.
This oil can be used to treat muscular pains, spasms, skin infections.
Used as a strong aphrodisiac with narcotic properties.
Having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties the oil is the perfect medicated oil.
This oil is used in prayers, spiritual gatherings and meditation.

Benefits of Tuberose Absolute

It can help one get free from the body odor through using the deodorant or perfume made by it.
As massage oil it can help you in managing cold during winters, treats cracks on dried skin, protects the respiratory system and prevents the formation catarrh and phlegm.
Tuberose absolute oil also has sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties that aids in treating muscular pains, spasms, skin infections, nausea and certain other health conditions.
Offers immediate relief in nausea, mental tensions and mood disorders.
Using 2-3 drops of Tuberose oil for a fragrant warm bath can just work wonders and help you get free from tiredness or exhaustion.

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